Steel Boy vs. Dark Detective

Hero Hunks

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Braden is one sexy man. Lots of muscles. Lots of sex appeal. But a total jobber in the wrestling ring. He looks damn sexy in his Steel Boy outfit. He’s wrestling the Dark Detective, who in this case, is bigger, stronger, meaner, and a better wrestler. The Dark Detective must have kryptonite hidden in his outfit. Then again, Braden seems to get his ass kicked every time he wrestles. 

It isn’t long before Dark Detective’s mask is removed and we see that he is actually the massive muscle hunk Joey Nux. This brute absolutely dominated and humiliated Austin Cooper. Austin has an impressive win/loss record, is strong as an ox, and sexy as all hell, but Joey Nux handed him his ass on a platter. Braden gets dominated with every match. How does he expect to win against this massive muscle man? Joey has clearly studied his pro wrestling heels. To his credit, Braden has been studying pro wrestling jobbers. With his muscles, Braden should easily win his matches. Not to worry, there have been plenty of wrestling jobbers muscle boys. Braden isn’t the first and won’t be the last. 

In typical muscle boy jobber fashion, Braden makes feeble attempts at taking control. As expected, he fails and fails miserably. Joey Nux has proven yet again that he is ALL MAN! Braden has proven once again that he’s a jobber. Strong as an ox, but still a jobber. Joey will be a dominant force at W4H and there are many wrestlers asking for a match with him. Some may have a chance. Most will regret doing so. He’s huge, mean, and likes proving he’s the Alpha Male. We pity most anyone dumb enough to wrestle him.

Total Run-Time: 18 minutes, 51 seconds

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