Steel Boy vs. Katy Katz

Hero Hunks

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We find gorgeous Steel Boy (Scrappy) tied up like a dog. His hands are tied above his head, there’s a collar and chain around his neck, and he’s wearing nothing other than a very skimpy electric blue pair of trunks which, for the record, leave nothing to the imagination. In comes Katy Katz (Miss Gia Love). She caresses his entire body, even grabbing at his manhood while he begs to be let go. All the straight girls and gay boys would love having Scrappy chained up like this and totally at their mercy. Katy Katz seems excited when she proclaims that she’s acquired a bitch boy. 

Scrappy is untied and ultimately unchained, but still remains at her mercy. Katy Katz continually stretches Scrappy and uses her massive claws to grab at his package. Repeated choke holds leave Scrappy gasping for air. No matter how much he begs, Katy Katz refuses to let him go. She has plans and he must comply. She tries to get him to woof, ruff, or bark, but he refuses. Once she grabs his package and squeezes, he quickly changes his mind. 

Like a dog, Scrappy – hey, “Scrappy” is a good name for a dog – turns and bites Katy Katz on the arm. That’s a move he quickly regrets. She ties his arms up above his head once again and forces him to bark. Poor Scrappy is left alone again, but has the promise that she will return to “play” with him again later. WOOF! WOOF!

Total Run-time: 20 minutes, 7 seconds

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