Steel Boy vs. Tsunami

Hero Hunks

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Tsunami (Christian Thorn) is sexy as hell in his black speedo, yellow gloves and mask, and boots. Every inch a muscle god, he’s one villain who knows what he wants and how to get it. At last he’s acquired the infamous Annihilator...a weapon so dangerous, he’ll be master of all for sure. Metropolis is in danger.

“Not today, evil doer,” says the heroic boy scout we all know and love. Steel Boy (Cali Boy) is here to save the day.

The pair locks up, muscle against muscle, good vs. evil. Fists fly, abdomens are pounded, booted feet and legs lock up in tight fury, hot asses clench as the handsome hunks roll and wrench each other apart. Steel Boy throws Tsunami into a wall, forces him into a full nelson, and lectures him endlessly about truth, justice, and the American way.

The battle rages on with Tsunami’s sweaty, muscular frame weakened and dragged into a red-lit cell. There Steel Boy explores his own dark fantasies. The boy scout chains Tsunami by his wrists, leaving him there to await true justice. But Tsunami isn’t done yet. A solid kick to the man of steel’s midsection renders him momentarily useless, affording the villain a chance to escape.

Yellow gloves rip Steel Boy up by his hair and poison him with a Kryptonite component that results in a long, tense smothering sequence made all the more appealing by the prospect of a full strip down. Tsunami peels Steel Boy out of his costume, revealing a pale, powerful body that provides a stunning contrast to Tsunami’s own olive complexion. The final confrontation is a shirtless, sweaty collision of glistening muscles and pure rage.

Total Run-time: 19 minutes, 54 seconds

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