Steel Man vs. Cerebral Shadow

Hero Hunks

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Steel Man has faced some serious villains in his time on earth. But nothing could have prepared him for his bound faceoff with Cerebral Shadow! Looking like something out of a demented doctor drama, this dark and dangerous magician physician comes armed with injections! He clamps his hands around Steel Man’s handsome face, ordering him to flex. Steel Man, for all his strength, can’t resist.

As the Shadowman demands more and more of the caped crusader, the camera pulls back to reveal the Shadow’s skin-revealing costume, with sheer windows to reveal pecs, abs, thighs, and ass cheeks. Cerebral Shadow grins with pride as he punches and pounds Steel Man, forcing his helpless and hot body into one humiliating position after another.

“Now let’s see if steel can bend,” he hisses. “You’re nothing.” The man of steel is stripped, humiliated, and made to kiss the villain’s boots!

Total Run-Time: 22 minutes, 27 seconds

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