Steel Man vs. Dark Steel Man

Hero Hunks

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Most every competitive wrestler has the same secret fantasy...a fight twin! What better competition could there be? Somebody who shares your every strength and weakness, a combatant who anticipates your every move, your every strategy...who fights back with the same style and skill. The perfect dark opponent! That’s the fantasy that fuels this fever dream of a fight, as the man of steel faces the Man of Darkness...Steel Man vs. Dark Steel Man! Fight!

Fingers lock in a test of strength that drives one grunting combatant almost into the floor. Full nelsons are exchanged as faces drip with sweat. There can be no winner, no loser, not without a serious game changer. Dark Steel Man produces a kryptonite dildo, which he himself is impervious to! Steel Man’s cape becomes a torture device as it’s wrapped around the Man of Steel’s neck. The kryptonite dildo is used the same way. Soon the caped crusader is stretched over his dopplegänger’s knee!

Dark Steel Man rips off his own suit, exposing his powerful chest, and the torture takes a dark twist! Deep groans and cries of sweat dripping down muscular bodies...and a primal rage that can only be captured in the brief sight of two manly packages encased in revealing thongs...and one defeated Steel Man...but WHICH Steel Man?!

Total Run-time: 22 minutes, 49 minutes

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