Steel Man vs. Krypto Crunch

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Super villain Krypto Crunch (Gabe Steel) has invaded the Malevolent Lair in his most daunting black leather, nipples on high alert in his relentless search of the annihilator weapon. Nobody can stop him now...except maybe a old school boy scout like Steel Man (Scrappy). The smaller Steel Man hoists the bigger villain into the air with ease, as if he weighs no more than a feather, then blasts his leather-clad balls with a brutal fist of steel.

Steel Man’s superior musculature shows through his trademark costume as he strangles and struggles against the villain, using pile drivers and body slams to render his opponent ever weaker. But this villain’s name isn’t just for fun...Krypto Crunch is armed with Steel Man’s only weakness...Kryptonite...and a clenched fist around his balls!

The super suit is pulled, ripped, and vandalized...the cape used as a weapon against Steel Man himself, as he struggles, kicks, strains to breathe. Soon the super suit is ripped to shreds, exposing the weakened Mr. Kent beneath...and his blue thong. As the rip-n-strip battle rages on, Krypto Crunch threatens the greatest humiliation of all...a rod of solid Kryptonite shoved into the man of steel’s thong. Is this the end of Superman?

Total Run-time: 22 minutes, 25 seconds

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