Steel Man vs. Mental Mind

Hero Hunks

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Mental Mind (Ethan Andrews) is easily one of the most sadistic villains to emerge from the Hero Hunks series. Possessing a glittering purple speedo, black gloves, mask, and a strange ability to hypnotically control his victims, he is all but unstoppable. Naturally, only Steel Man (Zach Altovito) can conquer him with is unstoppable strength. But this time around Mental Mind is armed with a dildo made from the only substance that weakens Steel Man. Now Steel’s strength and will are compromised, and he finds himself susceptible to Mental Mind’s control. 

Mental Mind orders Steel Man to punch himself in the stomach and rip his own super suit apart, leaving Mental Mind free to massage the hairy chest beneath. Mental Mind orders the superior man to massage his own smooth villain’s chest and twist his nipples, then his own. Mental Mind then pushes it further, ordering Steel to all but rip his own tits off while he runs the green dildo over the weakened hero’s face, then starts to beat on him. 

It’s a bizarre mixture of physical abuse, muscle worship, and lightly erotic action as two very different bodies come together for choking, punching, bicep and chest kissing, while the smaller man controls the hard muscled mountain. 

Total Run-time: 23 minutes, 39 seconds

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