Steel Man vs. Red Scorpion

Hero Hunks

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Steel Man (Jacob Van Acker) finds himself bound to a cold metal chair. How he got there, he can’t say, but his eye makeup suggests it was a wild night for this sexy superhero. In slinks the resident villain of the year, Red Scorpion (Dimitri Darkthorn), who talks a big, threatening game as he paces around the hero in his trademark black and red pants. He grabs the hero hunk hard by his sweaty, long hair and screams in his face, clearly aroused by the rare chance to punish this stunning stud. 

Red Scorpion has a secret weapon, but before he busts it out, he wants to rip Superstud’s super suit apart with his bare hands while fondling that tan, toned body. Superstud tries to fight back, even while bound and screaming. Scorpion exposes the hero’s powerful, hairy chest, yanks his hair back so hard the hero whimpers and begs. That’s when the demented villain whips out his secret weapon…a massive kryptonite dildo! 

With every torturous jab of the foreign object, an explosion of glittering sparks rise up, each one weakening the hero even more. Red Scorpion is so excited by the punishment session he seems to become even more unhinged, now torturing the hero with his own boots, flinging him out of the metal torture chair, and ripping his suit like a maniac. Superstud finds the strength to resist! He rises to his knees, tosses back his handsome head, and summons the power to fight back. In torn clothes and still writhing and suffering, sweat-covered hero and villain come to blows, battling almost in erotic slow motion. Superstud is stripped down to a thin blue speedo and repeatedly tortured with the dildo, controlled by his hair, and driven nearly to insanity by the evil Red Scorpion. This one is not to be missed! 

Total Run-time: 24 minutes, 16 seconds

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