Steel Man vs. Silver Serpent

Hero Hunks

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The one and only man of steel is bound and beaten, cuffed and clobbered! Enter the sleek and sexy Silver Serpent, his lightly hairy body a work of muscular art...his package a profound and powerful piece of work poking through his shiny shorts. Serpent is certain Steel Man is no match for him...but this time around the Steel Man’s got the upper hand.

“This is like taking out the trash,” laughs Steel Man, as he stretches the snake over his knee. The stubbled stud looks seriously hot crushed under Steel Man’s boot, or hair-pulled to his feet. The caped crusader forces the snake stud to bow and kneel in humiliating ways. A sexy sleeper closes the deal, but Steel Man’s enjoying the dark, twisted punishment he’s capable of.

“I’m gonna show you all the reason why you don’t want to be a super villain,” says the man of steel. Soon sweaty, muscular bodies marry in a one-sided, sensual battle for that only Steel Man can win.

Total Run-time: 21 minutes, 26 seconds

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