Steel Man vs. Squad Raiders


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What’s hotter than a helpless hero being dominated by an evil villain? How about a helpless hero being dominated by TWO evil villains. Bound, seated and hooded, Steel Man knows the location of the missiles, and the Squad Raiders are determined to get the information from him. His refusal to tell only leads to pec and ab claws, gut punches, a devastating headlock and nut grabs.

Finally able to get up, his wrists released, his new situation does little to improve his prospects as he is continued to be double teamed with more abuse to his prone body. Held in the ropes by one Squad Raider, the other of the evil duo continues his barrage on the abdomen of Steel Man. Choked by his own cape, he is finally stripped of his costume down to his blue thong.

But wait! A couple of low blows by our hero on the evil doers and suddenly the hero’s prospects have changed. Some splashes on each and our hero has things under control. Or does he? Eventually a sleeper ends the bout, who goes to sleep, and who is left victorious?

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