Steel Man vs. Steel Boy

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Steel Man vs Steel Boy? Shouldn’t they be on the same team? Usually, yes. For this match, they oppose each other. Steel Man makes fun of Steel Boy, even asking him if his grandmother stitched his costume for him. Steel Boy is quite strong and fills out his costume quite well, but Steel Man is notably bigger, both in height and strength, as well as much more experienced.

Steel Boy is trying to be a man, to prove his strength and his worth. Which of us didn’t try the same thing when we were his age?

Steel Man may need to teach him that he still has a lot left to learn. Which of these men of steel filled with sex appeal will win?

A test of strength between these two Super Heroes ends up with Steel Boy stretched across Steel Man’s shoulders, then ultimately on the ground. Steel Man advises him to stay down, but Steel Boy believes he can beat him. After receiving a great deal of punishment, Steel Boy is put into a sleeper, but released just before going out. He gives a half-hearted elbow to Steel Man, only to have Steel Man tear his costume and tell him he’s not worthy of it yet. As Steel Boy struggles, Steel Man tells him he doesn’t deserve the “S” on his chest and slowly begins tearing it. Steel Boy reacts as if he is a small child who has had his favorite toy taken away.

Steel Boy’s loud mouth gets him in trouble as Steel Man stuffs the torn “S” into his mouth. Steel Man drags Superboy around by his costume, listening to it tear with each pull. Steel Boy is furious that Steel Man has torn his costume. Steel Boy is left wearing nothing but a shiny blue thong, revealing his super ass and super package.

Not faster than a locomotive, not able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, well, you know where this is going. Steel Boy just doesn’t have the same strength and skills as Steel Man. Steel Man wasn’t out to be difficult, but the prove to Steel Boy that he needs to grow more, physically and mentally. Steel Man only wants what’s best to protect his neighborhood and community. Steel Boy is left flat on his back on the mats. Steel Man takes the “S” from Steel Boy’s costume and puts it on his chest, not to be nice, but to reinforce his superiority. Steel Man plants one of his boots right on the center of the “S” proving he is the only true Superman.

Total Run-time: 20 minutes, 26 seconds

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