Steel Man vs. Z-Daddy

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The Phantom Zone! Z-Daddy claims it for his own and threatens to stomp the “S” off Steel Man’s chest. That’s a monumental task, but Z-Daddy is a big man covered in muscles and has diabolical ideas floating through his brain. Steel Man has never been one to go down easily and has a reputation for always coming out on top, in more ways than one. That said, Z-Daddy gets off of hurting others and the bigger they are, the more enjoys inflicting mammoth amount of pain and punishment. 

The first few minutes have our super hero in big trouble. Z-Daddy doesn’t even appear to be showing much effort in controlling our crusader, but Steel Man is known for fighting everything from petty crimes to universal threats. Technical wrestling is not found in this match. Low blows, cheap shots, chokes comprise the majority of the holds in this match. 

Who will emerge as the victor? Will our scoundrel do as he says and stomp the “S” off the chest of Steel Man? Will Steel Man use his powers to overcome the destructive and evil ways of Z-Daddy? There’s only one way to find out! 

Total Run-time: 19 minutes, 36 seconds

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