Super Scrappy vs. Super Starr

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Superpowers or not, Super Scrappy is a gift from the gods.  Solid trunk thighs, incredible guns, and the perfect V. There are statues less chiseled than this man of steel.  There are many who would submit just from his sheer presence.  But Super Starr is not one of them.  He’s a lot leaner, but the muscles are just as chiseled.  Scrappy teases him that Batman must have sent Robin to try and take care of what he couldn’t do himself.  Bouncing his massive pecs, he’s teasing Starr to start something, so he can feed off the powers of another fallen hero.  

Starr takes the challenge with a little flex off that leads to battle.  Scrappy’s bear hug of death might make this a quickie, but Starr summonses his powers, flipping Scrappy into submission.  Too bad it’s short lived.  The power running through those guns may be too much for Starr.  Still, Starr must have some power reserves hiding in his super-packed shorts since he manages to fireman carry the more colossal Scrappy, painfully arching that super back, before dropping him to the mat.

Scrappy is only momentarily down, though, and he goes into turbo power mode and the rest of this hero clash is all about Scrappy’s superior god-given gifts.  No matter what fleeting advantage Starr can summon, Scrappy is the true superstar of the galaxy.

Total Run-Time: 12 minutes, 36 seconds

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