Super Soldier vs. Dr. Cam

Hero Hunks

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Yours truly is mixing up something twisted, and it ain’t a margarita. This time around I’m playing doctor to the super heroes. In comes Captain Drago, looking tight and toned in that lycra super suit. I give him an examination, but in my expert opinion, the only thing that will help this ailing hero is a dose of special “medicine.” 

Super Soldier Drago doesn’t love the taste of my special concoction, but down the hatch it goes. With my most boyish grin I inform Cap that he’s just ingested poison. Naturally he throws me around a little, presses me into the ropes, attempts to choke me out. For a minute there I’m really scared, but that grip gets weak as the poison sets in. 

Soon the massive man is suffering, and I’m stripping off my doctor uniform to reveal my own bangin’ bod. Now the musclebound captain in trapped between my legs. As my ankles lock, I feel him give himself over to me...and there’s more poison for him to drink. I love forcing it into his mouth, seeing that piss yellow liquid splash across his handsome face, right before I put the hurt on him. I strip him down, straddle his face, squeeze those massive pectorals, and keep on forcing poison down his throat until his chiseled chest is soaked with it, and I get to punch those abs, grind my fist into his pecs, and even bust his balls! 

Total Run-Time: 21 minutes, 59 seconds

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