Super Soldier vs. Dr. Wayne


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Dr. Wayne is doing a fitness exam of Super Soldier. As he fills out the questionnaire, he begins to doubt some of Super Soldier’s answer. He instructs Super Soldier to sit on a barrel which he administers some medicine to him. Slowly Super Soldier starts to fade from consciousness. Realizing how large and powerful Super Soldier is, a second dose is administered.

Although a mountain of a man, Super Soldier is virtually helpless in his weakened state. Out on his feet, he can muster no defense against the onslaught of the diabolical villain. Now a mere plaything in Dr. Wayne’s hands, never before has the Super Soldier been so manhandled and unable to defend himself.

Stripped to the chest, Super Soldier is prepared for one more dose of the lethal cocktail. Kept drugged throughout, he is then finally relieved of his full costume and lays in just a blue speedo. Taunted mercilessly throughout by the evil doctor, the super hero is prescribed yet another dose for good measure. Eyeing his handiwork, the doctor decides to mix his medicines and chloroforms the super stud. Twitching uncontrollably, even the hero’s basic bodily moves are now controlled by the good doctor. Almost done with the appointment, Dr. Wayne decides to inject some chloroform directly into Super Soldier’s crotch.

If you are a fan of a large stud being totally controlled by a dastardly villain then this match if for you. There is no follow-up needed for Super Soldier, the doctor is finished with the patient!

Total Run-Time: 22 minutes, 39 seconds

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