Super Soldier vs. Silver Serpent

Hero Hunks

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Silver Serpent is a slinky, sexual being in sparkling speedos and black leather cuffs. He’s tight, muscular, and covered in a slightly hairy fur that only adds definition to a flawless physique. Tied to a ladder, he’s only slightly less impressive.

Super Soldier appears to have lost his boy scout calmness as he interrogates and intimidates the slinky villain. Serpent is gut punched, nelsoned, and hoisted off his feet. He is stretched out over Super Soldier’s knee and ball-grabbed with relentless rage. Super Soldier’s red gloved hand wedgies the Serpent, as he demands information.

Super Soldier’s priceless ass clenches as his ankles lock around Serpent's torso. Cap straightens his back and legs, putting the pain on even harder, as he raises the villain to his feet and pushes him against a wall, beating the info out of him like the master he is. Too much hair pulling and humiliation finally force Serp to rage against his captor. Now it’s Super Soldier’s turn to taste some pain.

Serp beats and batters Super Soldier’s abs, clawing and pounding with pent up aggression. Super Soldier writhes in pain, losing his power and his suit. Serpent makes Cap shed his skin, revealing an equally muscular body. Soon they’re both in only boots and thongs...and they’re headed for a torture chair finale...but which muscle man will sit in the throne of pain…?

Total Run-Time: 22 minutes, 6 seconds

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