The Defender vs. The Eye

Hero Hunks

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New super villain The Eye has entrapped and humiliated Super Soldier. Naturally another hero must rise up to bring down this terrifying threat. But this hero (Dimitri) isn’t prepared for the electric power of the hypnotic Eye, who strips him of all power and lays his lycra clad body over his knee so that he can attack his nipples and pecs. 

The Eye wraps his hands around the hero’s neck and presses him into the floor, attacking his nips again and making the hero sweat, scream, beg, and try to climb up the villain’s body by way of his leather fetish gear. 

The Eye takes a handful of hero hair and uses it to further control the do-gooder, enjoying the pathetic sound of whimpering weakness. The super suit is slowly peeled away, exposing a lean, muscular, stunning body ripe for further abuse. The hero seems to enjoy the exposure, writhing with sensual pleasure as the villain alternates between punishing pain and erotic pleasure. Left in a minuscule thong with his super suit around his ankles, the hero must endure more sensual punishment than ever before. But if he believes he’s enjoying it...where’s the villainy in that? 

Total Run-time: 23 minutes, 32 seconds

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