Menace vs. Brick

Hero Hunks

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Braden Charron has the perfect physique to play the character of Brick given that he’s built like a brick s***house. His purple trunks with matching cape and mask with yellow gloves look hot on an incredibly hot man. In comes The Menace, tall, lean, and mean in his white trunks and mask on that sexy hairy body. Although he’s dressed in white wrestling gear, The Menace didn’t get his name and reputation from being a nice guy, and definitely not from being a jobber. Brick has incredible strength and sex appeal, but there’s an old saying that nice guys finish last. That saying, of course, is not always true.

The Menace wastes no time in putting Brick out cold in a sleeper, all while taunting him verbally. The Menace is playing with Brick the way a kid plays with the vegetables on his plate. He pushes Brick around with ease, never seeming to strain or even sweat. The Menace even takes Brick’s cape and gloves, followed by his trunks. Our gorgeous Brick is left on the mat with his mask and an extremely tiny and shiny purple thong.

The Menace is obviously a master of the sleeper hold. Brick falls victim to it repeatedly, leaving him limp and lifeless on the mats. The Menace leaves no doubt as to who is superior as Brick is never able to put up a fight in this match.

A post-match close-up of The Menace’s trunks leaves little to the imagination and much to the enjoyment. With a package like that, it’s easy to see how The Menace earned his name and reputation.

Total Run-Time: 19 minutes, 25 seconds

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