The Ripper vs. Kid USA

Hero Hunks

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Who needs Captain America when you’ve got Kid USA (Cali Boy)? He’s a prettyboy with a bangin’ bod, decked out in red, white, and blue. Shiny blue speedos leave nothing to the imagination, as he struts around with a wholesome grin on his face and a rock-hard musculature. He’s ready to ascend into the League. But first, he has to fight for the right.

Enter The Ripper (Scrappy), a black and silver clad, leather gauntlet wearing, up and coming force to be reckoned with. If Kid USA is the light, the Ripper is the dark. They circle like street cats, hurling insults and hurling into each other. That shiny red cape makes for a good torture device, as Ripper chokes and dominates the Kid with just one hand. This is a domination situation, made all the more interesting because both dudes are relatively close in size.

It’s a body-to-body, bicep-to-bicep, skin-on-skin brawl that’s heavy on the nelsons, flexing, and close shot abs. Ripper sits square on top of Kid, his muscular ass firmly holding him down while he plays with his legs like pipe cleaners. They tangle and roll, the Ripper living up to his name by simultaneously pulling the punk Kid closer and shoving him away. Brutal pec squeezing, nipple pinching, ab digging, neck crushing, and full on body slamming make it very clear which dude will ascend to the League and which will be left in the streets like trash.

Total Run-Time: 19 minutes, 22 sefonds

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