The Wonder vs. Destructo

Hero Hunks

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“Welcome to my Malevolent Lair,” laughs sexy Destructo. This hermit-like hunk struts around his weapons room in a leathery singlet, boots, and cuffs playing with his toys. This is the bad boy all grown up, and he doesn’t like anybody else playing with his toys.

Enter the Wonder...a handsome hero with dancing pectorals and biceps for days. He’s pale and boyish compared to the villainous Destructo, and within seconds of his entrance into the lair he feels his tossing curls pulled hard and his washboard abs beaten brutally!

“Nobody plays with my toys,” barks Destructo, before stomping the hell out of the Wonder, then stretching him out like taffy.

“You’re crushing my insides!” moans the hero, throwing his head back in a scream of total agony. Abs are grinded with fists, pecs are twisted and turned like jammed door handles, balls are busted. The Wonder begs, screams, cries, moans, pleads, and sobs in an ongoing expression of misery. And when Destructo gets bored...spladle time!

Can this hunky hero escape the Malevolent Lair?

Total Run-Time: 19 minutes, 57 seconds

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