The Wonder vs. Professor Lunatic & Master Loco

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Sexy Wonder (Dimitri Darkthorn) engages in his heroics wearing only a lime green speedo and a lemon yellow mask. Barefoot and beautiful, he moves stealthily through the villain’s dungeon, seeking other trapped heroes. Suddenly, he finds himself entangled in a net and injected with a mysterious substance that makes him submissive to the demented Master Loco (Danny Del Toro) and his srong and silent partner Professor Lunatic (Kiyoshi Bloom). These villains are hot, hung, lean, and tattooed, each wearing matching blue speedos, black boots, masks, and leather gear. Master Loco laughs in a bone-chillingly high pitched voice, while Professor Lunatic supports his dastardly plans. 

Master Loco orders Wonder to pinch Lunatic’s nips, then punch himself in the abs again and again. He is forced to do crunches, then quack like a duck while worshiping the villain’s bodies. He rubs them both down, trying hard to resist, only to be forced to flex while having his hair pulled, then twist his own nipples without mercy. He is forced to hiss like a snake, endure spankings and schoolboy pins while pinching Lunatic’s nipples and squeezing his balls. 

It’s a game of total humiliation harder than any fraternity initiation, that leads to Master Loco laying on top of the struggling super hero is a sensual, humiliating, face-stroking, trash talking pin that you’ll want to watch again and again. 

Total Run-time: 22 minutes, 31 seconds

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