TronXL vs. Kid Justice

Hero Hunks

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Poor Kid Justice (now played by newbie Dimitri Darkthorn!) finds himself chained to a sinister electric chair, his head between metal clamps with wires sticking out. Wearing only a pair of blue and red tights, his smooth torso is fully exposed, and his flawless feet flex and flail pathetically. His punisher is the sensual villain, sadistic, menacing TronXL! 

TronXL wears a black and yellow super suit with alluring black eye makeup. With his sexy accent and unquenchable thirst for pain and pleasure, TronXL is a new breed of villain, inflicting electroshock on the hero one moment, only to massage his face, chest, thighs, and more as if he’s in love with the pretty hunk. Kid Justice does what he does best, suffer and scream! 

When TronXL leans in close to whisper in Kid Justice’s ear, it almost feels like the scene is about to turn fully sensual...then the villain cups the chained hero’s pectorals and squeezes like hell! The Kid’s pretty head is thrown back in agony, his mouth open wide with each agonized scream, his body looking beautiful the harder and harder he hurts. Soon the tights come off, giving an even greater eyeful of this incredible hero’s body as it grows weaker and weaker at the hands of a new and truly incredible villain.  

Total Runtime: 20 minutes, 58 seconds

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