TronXL vs. White Wolf

Hero Hunks

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White Wolf (Scrappy) is the newest hero trapped in the evil electric chair of super villain TronXL, who starts by slapping and stroking the shirtless, unconscious hero, and awakening him with a burst of electric sparks. 

“Please...please…” White Wolf tries to moan, but Tron interrupts with another burst of electric torture. White Wolf tries to fight the villain, but he’s so weak his every attempt to hurt the bad guy looks like he’s just stroking a lover’s cheek. TronXL strips him of his tights, revealing an impressive package in a thin blue thong. White Wolf’s package jiggles violently with each electrical surprise. 

TronXL flexes over White Wolf, whispering in his ear and fondling his muscles with a demented grin. If you’ve ever fantasized about having a flawless superhero at his very weakest point available for your own personal delights, this is the vid for you! 

Total Run-time: 20 minutes, 48 seconds

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