Tsunami vs. Wing Boy

Hero Hunks

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Thorn’s epic musculature was made for a super suit, is pecs and thigh muscles bursting through bumblebee yellow and black. The sexy, masked man has succeeded in capturing a precious crown for his evil master, but newcomer Wing Boy is on the scene in sleek, form fitting black and blue, complete with glistening boots. 

Seth’s pale hair tosses dramatically as he tangles with Thorn, each man serving up brutal gut punches and chokes, as well as trash talk and dares to fight harder. Wing Boy brings an exciting vocal performance to his matches, punctuating every punishment he dishes out or received with convincing screams, cries, groans, grunts, and more. As Thorn finds his fists to clobber Wing Boy, his agonizing sobs are Oscar worthy. 

Lycra-on-lycra is a sexy sight, especially when Thorn and Jackson roll all over the floor, Thorn riding Borden’s ass hard. These two very different body types make for a good match-up, and the masochistic temperament of each fighter fills every second of this heroic battle with excitement. 

Wing Boy crushes his boots hard into Thorn’s package and strips him of his super suit. The scent of that epicly muscled and tatted bod seems to drive his foe crazy as he nelsons and lifts Thorn, throwing him like he weighs nothing. He could just grab the crown and walk away. Instead...

“Come on! Come ON!” dares the tough guy. These super bros strip, fight, and rip until they’re both left wearing little more than their masks.

Total Run-time: 18 minutes, 33 seconds

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