Vengeance vs. Punk Citizen


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Beefy Brute Baynard plays Vengeance, the only villain to have “broken the bat.” Imagine what the extraordinary prison pugilist can do to poor, pathetic Punk Citizen (played by a wispy Kayden Alexander). Vengeance begins his beating by ripping the khakis and t-shirt wearing jobber off of a work ladder and throwing him over those legendary, muscular shoulders. Punk struggles and begs, golden hair tossing in moaning protest. Vengeance rips off his shirt and hurls him into a wall, leaving the spindly, pretty punk writhing on the floor in misery.

“Up! UP!” commands Vengeance, forcing the punt to his feet by his hair, and hoisting him over one muscular kicking helplessly. The brute begins to sweat, his glossy perspiration only making his muscles look more pronounced and intimidating.  

“Everything that fucking belongs to you is fucking MINE!” roars the bad ass, clobbering the kids torso with fists of fury, and stripping off his shoes and pants, leaving wiry legs and bare feet exposed to further punishment. The punk starts screaming well before the halfway point, as he’s stretched, tossed, pounded, and pulverized by the superior beast that is Vengeance. This Bane isn’t addicted to Venom...he’s addicted to the pain of others! Dark Detective beware.

Total Run-time: 14 minutes, 25 seconds

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