Web Wonder vs. Nick Justice

Hero Hunks

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Nick Justice is as nasty as they come. He’s big. He’s mean. He’s nuts, to say the least. He is telling Web Wonder how he has come to the wrong place, that he’s in Nick’s lair. He talks about tying Web Wonder in his dungeon while he has his way with Mary Jane and then makes her his slave. Believe us when we say that Nick has gone off the deep end. Web Wonder is almost always victorious. The key word here is almost. Does he have what it takes to defeat Nick Justice?

Nick rants, raves, screams, bites, and uses any tactic available to hurt and humiliate our Super Hero. He talks about impregnatingWeb Wonder’s aunt and girlfriend, then when they are about to deliver, squeezing their stomachs until the only thing that comes out is a dead fetus. See what we mean about Nick being a lunatic?

Nick stands on both of Web Wonders feet and then dives and headbutts him in the balls. DAMN! That’s got to hurt!!! Nick pulls out a metal spike and uses it on Web Wonder’s abs, leaving him screaming out his submission. Next, Nick puts the spike into Web Wonder’s ass. Even more scary is when Nick uses it on his own nipple. Web Wonder’s dick is the next recipient of the spike. Nick claims to have murdered little children in his dungeon, even Jon Benet Ramsey.

Just as he gets Web Wonder tied to the prison wall, a call comes out, “Nick, dear. Time for dinner.” 

Nick replies, “In a minute, Mommy. I’m playing with my friend.” If he considers Web Wonder a friend, we’d hate to see what he does to an enemy.

Nick’s mother calls down again, reminding him that his dinner is getting cold. Nick tells her there is one
last thing he has to do. He gets right into Web Wonder’s ear and tells him he is going to beat the, well let’s just
say he drops a lot of f-bombs here. Web Wonder iis left tied to the wall as Nick goes upstairs to have his dinner.

Total Run-time: 22 minutes, 43 seconds

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