Web Wonder vs. Professor Z & Magnet Man

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What happens when your friendly neighborhood Web Wonder (a very flexible mystery wrestler!) crosses into another comic world...namely, the world of the Z-Men? As you might imagine, there’s a price to pay. Enter Magnet Man (Calvin Haynes) attired in his well known red and purple costume. Magnet Man is here to test Web Wonder, flexing his bicep painfully into the web-slinger’s neck and maneuvering him into an agonizing nelson. It’s a good thing that suit stretches, because Magnet Man tests Web Wonder’s flexibility like nobody ever has.

Poor web-head finds himself in a painful backbreaker and on the receiving end of Magnet Man's boot before he remembers his power, grinding his hips into Magnet Man’s purple clad ass and wrenching his arms backward. All too soon none other than Prof. Z (Brute Baynard) appears, using his mind-control powers to toss Web Wonder around. Clearly we’re in a timeline where Prof. Z and Magnet Man are working together...always a fatal combo.

Prof. Z wills Wonder’s junk to be crushed, his body to be thrown into a wall, and his own hands to choke himself...all while Magnet Man watches in glee. A two-on-one punishment session ensues, seeing Web Wonder eating Prof. Z's armpit while Magnet Man all but breaks his legs. His is thrown, crushed, pounded, dragged, and tormented by two powerful bodies again and again and again. Is this the end of the Web Wonder?

Total Run-time: 23 minutes

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