Web Wonder vs. Scarlett Skull

Hero Hunks

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Who’s that hanging upside down? It’s none other than your friendly neighborhood Web Wonder.

(Who plays him? Tom Holland? Andrew Garfield? A well-preserved Tobey Maguire? We’ll never know!) The web-slinging stud shows off some of his signature moves, as well as his signature body in revealing lycra.

Suddenly, a poisonous fog! A maniacal laugh! Web Wonder is weakened and rendered immobile by the noxious fumes. Enter Scarlett Skull (Jaxton Wheeler), looking built for destruction in white and red lycra that stretches across a powerhouse body like something out of a beefcake magazine rather than a comic book. Red boots grind into the Queens-born crusader. The bigger, stronger villain walks all over Web Wonder, before he lowers his banging muscular ass on top of the web-slinger’s face. Scarlett Skull settles into his facesit, riding Web Wonder’s face like a docile pony.

What follows is a long, languid, semi-erotic punishment session...complete with headlocks, nuggies, and armpit smothering that leaves our hero breathless. Legs are wrenched and twisted like ropes. Bearhugs and nelsons are applies with aggressive glee. Will Web Wonder get free, or find himself in a tangled web?

Total Run-time: 19 minutes, 30 seconds

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