Web Wonder vs. Scrappy & Blake Starr

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Scrappy and Blake are talking about their antics at the recent After Party. Blake claims to have punched one guy in the face. Both talk about the nerds and dweebs that were there. Given their win/loss records, we don’t believe these two guys, sexy as they may be, should be talking about anyone else.

Both admit to being fucked up at the party from the spiked punch. We haven’t forgotten Blake’s drunk ass at last years holiday party. He was so plastered that he got beat up by a Christmas Elf. Dumbass. That said, these two studs are standing around in their high school letterman’s jackets reliving their glory days. They are looking for someone to beat up and talk about snapping necks and crushing heads.

Sounds like they are up to no good. WHOA! Out of nowhere Web Wonder leaps into the scene, startling both Scrappy and Blake. Hmm, this Super Hero could be exactly what is needed to put these punks in their place. He talks to them about how they picked on Peter at the party (say that five times fast).

They laugh and reply, “That dweeb!” Blake puts Spidey in a full nelson and laughs as Scrappy trash-talks and smacks Web Wonder a little. It isn’t long before Web Wonder escapes the hold – in an impressive and painful way – and goes after these punks.

He goes from one to the other, but we really love it when he gets them in a double headlock that has their faces turning purple. Scrappy is forced to say he’s sorry for picking on Peter. Web Wonder is tossing these hoodlums around like leaves in a strong wind. It’s total mayhem for these trash-talking hooligans as they are now paying for their poor actions at the After Party. At one point, Web Wonder has Blake in a head scissors while he has Scrappy in a reverse choke.

It’s hilarious to watch these boys suffer. A double camel clutch has Scrappy looking as if he’s crying. Yeah, who’s the dweeb now, big boy? What Spidey does to pulverize both crotches at once must be seen. We wince in pain just thinking about what he did.

Singer Bonnie Tyler had a hit song in the movie Footloose titled “I Need a Hero” which speaks directly to Peter. These two muscle studs are now impressed with themselves and believe they are better than everyone else at W4H. We will admit that they are both gorgeous, but neither has an impressive win/loss record, yet they took it upon themselves to beat up on Peter. Little did they realize that Peter is good friends with Web Wonder.

It was two-on-one when Scrappy and Blake beat up Peter. It was one-on-two when Web Wonder beat up Scrappy and Blake. Maybe these two delinquents learned their lesson in this match. Web Wonder had no difficulty tossing these punks around and making them suffer the same punishment and humiliation they gave to his friend. Peter needed a hero and he found one in Web Wonder.

Once again, Web Wonder saves the day.

Total Run-time: 19 minutes, 23 seconds

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