Web Wonder vs. Silver Slither

Hero Hunks

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Web Wonder is scanning the area for any evildoers. From the shadows comes Silver Slither who challenges Web Wonder. It is not long before Web Wonder is unmasked and under the control of Silver Slither. The punishment of Web Wonder is just beginning! Stripped to just a blue speedo, Web Wonder is then attacked with his own web fluid and suffers a merciless attack from the dastardly villain. Powerless to stop him, all Web Wonder can do is absorb the onslaught and hope he makes it out of the encounter alive.

What is a super-hero to do against an obviously superior super-villain. All of Web Wonder’s muscles and impressive physique are useless in this battle, as Silver Slither taunts the hero not only with what is happening now but with his fate later on.

Finally put to sleep by the master villain, Web Wonder is left totally helpless waiting for whatever fate the future may hold and whatever plans the Silver Slither may have for him down the road. An impressive beatdown of our title hero!

Total Running Time – 22 minutes, 16 seconds

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