White Wolf & Rad vs. Blaze

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White Wolf (Scrappy) is undeniably powerful, princely, and perfect. The dude looks like he’s made of solid steel. In public, he’s a perfect role model. Kind, generous, helpful, and modest. But have you ever wondered what superheroes are like behind closed doors? All that pent up aggression. All that rage and hate from constant villainous attacks. Where does that rage go? For White Wolf, it goes into training pathetic little upstart hero wannabees like rookie Rad (Diego Styles), who shows up in dorky shoes and socks, white tennis shorts, a sad little mask. Even his muscles are drawn on with makeup. Poor kid, he just wants to be in the league.

White Wolf starts by attacking the handsome rookie’s abs with some solid ab punching. The poor kid’s knees buckle after the third strike. White Wolf leaves the kid coughing and looking around in horror after a back breaking drop. He then goes to town on the kid’s pectorals using only one tenth of his true strength, and suggesting Rad could never make the league. 

“I can do it! I swear!” Rad screams, only seconds before feeling his throat being choked by White Wolf’s superior arm. Looks like another training session...until Blaze (Todd) enters to punish both hero and hero-in-training.

Both studs are stripped and stomped, piled upon one another, and damaged to the point of even straining to reach out and comfort each other...only to be lifted to their knees in a dual hair pull that only opens the gateway to the final punishments. 

Total Run-time: 22 minutes, 56 seconds

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