White Wolf vs. Brady

Hero Hunks

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White Wolf, played by the incredibly sexy Scrappy, has been captured and has his hands tied above his head to the vault door. He struggles and says he can’t be captured. His struggling proves successful as he is able to free his hands. Brady, played by the equally sexy Braden Charron, comes in and immediately lifts White Wolf, holding him by the throat. Brady tells White Wolf he is weak and pathetic and will never join their league. As Brady flexes over him, White Wolf reaches up and grabs Brady’s package. As he puts Brady in a sleeper, White Wolf asks him if he knows who he is, then tells him he’s about to find out. Brady is trying to keep White Wolf out of their league. This encounter between the two muscle hunks should determine who is in the league and who isn’t.

There is no question that each is out to prove he is the better man. What better way to hurt a man than to hit or grab him in his manhood. White Wolf nails Brady’s package, then grabs it and squeezes. To put it in Super Hero terms, that’s a double “Whammy.” White Wolf demonstrates that he truly has the spirit of a wolf as he is relentless in his attack on Brady. Brady is torn apart and suffers mercilessly at the hands of White Wolf. White Wolf takes pleasure in humiliating and degrading his weaker opponent. Brady is stripped from his yellow trunks, revealing his yellow thong. We must admit, having another man rip your trunks off you is quite degrading. A schoolboy pin puts White Wolfs ample package right in Brady’s face. Hmm, lucky Brady.

Brady is no small man, yet White Wolf picks him up with ease and puts him over his shoulders, then does a couple of squats with him while he’s screaming out his submission. Brady did well for the first 30 seconds of the match. After that, he was putty in the hands of the superior White Wolf. White Wolf clearly enjoyed himself as broke down Brady. We aren’t sure who will be in “the league” after this match, but we do know that White Wolf proved himself to be remarkable and showed just how weak Brady is by comparison. Brady is hogtied and left to be rescued by his fellow league members.

Total Run-Time: 22 minutes, 29 seconds

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