White Wolf vs. Dr. Maniacal


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“On your knees, slave!” barks Dr. Maniacal with his trademark lisp. Spit flies as the massive, hairy, repulsive villain lisps his threats at the handsome White Wolf, who struggles against his bonds, and the clamping grip of Dr. M on his nipples. Dr. M moves down to White Wolf’s abs, pounding him hard, then digging his gloved fingers deep into White Wolf’s biceps. 

The maniacal man demands White Wolf kiss his boots, then applies his heel directly in Wolf’s lower abdomen. White Wolf is dragged around by a bull rope, then ridden by the huge villain who outweighs him tremendously. He repeatedly reveals Wolf’s ass while abusing him with some intense spanking.

White Wolf is tossed into the ring, strangled, choked, and humiliated...saving the ball abuse for last. White Wolf is almost too weak to resist, kicking and flailing while being facesat by the enormous villain. It’s a Big vs. Small hero/villain battle, and a total squash job in which Scrappy actually gets squashed

Total Runtime - 19 minutes, 35 seconds

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