White Wolf vs. Tsunami

Hero Hunks

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Well-known figures of comic lore come to life in Hero Hunks. But what of the lesser known, up and coming dudes? The White Wolf (Scrappy) only comes out at night. He is a work of art, with an upper body like something only the finest comic book artists could have dreamed up and drawn. A powerful torso, massive biceps, cavernous armpits surrounded by muscle, and a fantasy face made all the more mysterious by his white mask. He flexes and monologues, awaiting his confrontation with Tsunami (Christian Thorn).

Tatted, olive-skinned, stunningly powerful Tsunami faces the wolf with a frenetic energy, while the wolf is solid, like a rock. They lock up with more than just aggression...there’s a deeper rivalry here. There’s only one spot in the League, and this is the battle to determine who gets it. Yellow-gloved fingers lock together, powerful pectorals pound together, big asses circle past the camera ad they force themselves forward, ever straining to overpower the other.

They circle, charge, strain, fall apart...gasping and moaning and threatening. They go low, jump, charge again, and bearhug one another with reckless abandon. They’re too evenly matches, wearing each other down piece by piece, and constantly looking for openings to weaken the other with jabs, digs, and nasty moves, until both are covered with sweat. Which will ascend to the League, and which will be forgotten?

Total Run-Time: 17 minutes, 45 seconds

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