Wonder Man vs. Tsunami

Hero Hunks

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Gabe Steele plays Wonder Man, a gender-reversed hero in blue speedos, red boots, and the recognizable cuffs and diadem...all star-strewn and sexy as hell! But Wonder Man is no gentle giant, he’s a sadistic stud who loves bashing balls and beating the hell out of poor Tsunami. Watch as he puts the bound bro in a Boston crab and cranks his balls like a boss. Tsunami struggles and strains, flails and falls...feeling his head ripped backward by his hair and his ball are crushed by the bigger brute.

Legs tangle, back are all but broken...Tsunami gasps and groans in agony. Tsunami’s attire is stripped off, revealing a black thong and that epic ass and impressive package...which is promptly squeezed, kneed, and destroyed. Wonder Man drives his red and silver boots into Tsunami’s back, balls, and butt with reckless abandon and total brutality. Just when you think Tsunami couldn’t POSSIBLY take any more, out comes Wonder Man’s lasso of truth...or is it just a nasty bull rope?!

Total Run-Time: 21 minute, 12 seconds

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