Behind The Scenes (February 2021)


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This took place over 4 days in Tampa Bay during Super Bowl weekend. I rented an big AirBNB for all the guys and myself to stay at while we filmed nearly 70 matches starting after dark on Thursday and not stopping until just before kick-off on Super Bowl Sunday.

Over the course of the weekend there was lots of behind-the-camera horseplay, bonding and other silliness between the team. I even witnessed a gut punch exchange in the locker room between 2 wrestlers.

Other things I caught were pre-match pose down which broke down in smiles and bursts of laughter. A few guys cleaning up the mats in thongs in between matches. The stuff that didn't make the final cut like wrestlers walking off camera mad and trash talking the other guy because of something that happened during the match.

Got to see some moves being worked on and practiced before matches. Also, got to see the guys catching their breath and relaxing on the couch in between matches. 

I got some questions answered such as "What type of matches are preferred" by Joey Nux? What's the alcohol of choice for the team: beer or tequila? What are the guys excited to watch on TV and Netflix coming up?

We see how high we can hang Drew Harper while he is tied up before a Hero Hunks match.

I got a peek at Ty Alexander and Ethan Andrews looking at something on Ty's laptop. What is it?

As well as...
-Ethan Andrews stretching in between bouts
-Who did I catch getting out of the shower?
-Catch the guys enjoying a mid-shoot meal. Faces stuffed and bellies full.
-Behind The Scenes chats about workouts, relationships, matches and the Super Bowl.

Sneak Peeks of Matches not yet released include:

Gabe Steele vs. Christian Thorn (Bro Battle)
Scrappy vs. Christian Thorn (Bro Battle)
Travis vs. Christian Thorn (NHB Fights)
Travis vs. Gabe Steele (Bro Battle)
Scrappy vs. Drew Harper (NHB Fights)
Travis vs. Drew Harper (NHB Fights)
Calvin Rogers vs. Christian Thorn (NHB Fights)
Travis vs. Scrappy (NHB Fights)
Joey Nux vs. Christian Thorn (Bro Battle)
Elite Eliot vs. Gabe Steele (Bro Battle)
Gunnar vs. Scrappy (NHB Fights)
Scrappy vs. Gunnar (Bro Battle)
Ethan Andrews vs. Drew Harper (NHB Fights)
Ethan Andrews & Ty Alexander vs. Gabe Steele & Lobo Gris (Secret Video)
Gunnar vs. Christian Thorn (Wrestler4Hire)
Travis vs. Dr. Maniacal (Hero Hunks)
Blake Starr vs. Calvin Rogers (Hero Hunks)
Blake Starr vs. Christian Thorn vs. Ethan Andrews (Wrestler4Hire)
Drew Harper vs. Scrappy (Wrestler4Hire)
Lobo Gris vs. Christian Thorn (Oil Bash)
Elite Eliot vs. Ty Alexander (Wrestler4Hire)
Blake Starr vs. Christian Thorn (Oil Bash)

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 25 minutes, 10 seconds

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