Lobo Gris vs. Christian Thorn (Oil Wrestling)


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Christian is on the mat posing for the camera and Lobo agrees to oil up the hot stud. Paying particular to the hard butt cheeks of Thorn, Lobo seems to really enjoy his task. When it comes time for Lobo to oil up, a literal downpour of oil comes from off screen covering the newcomer to Oil Bash. The two combatants now properly prepared for battle; it is not too long before the pair are at one another.

While Lobo may be new to the Oil Bash stable, he is not new to the underground wrestling scene. He brings his experience to a surprised Christian, who becomes the target of Lobo’s ball grabs, full nelsons and arm bars. A painful spladle has Christian on view for the camera (and us!). Hurting in an abdominal stretch, Christian finally collapses to the mats.

Christian loves to pose for the camera, and as a taunt to his opponent. In this case, his time may have been better spent worrying about Lobo. In a final bit of vanity, Christian let’s Lobo feel his muscles only to be the recipient of a sleeper hold that transitions to a full nelson and back to a sleeper. Does Christian overcome his bit of ego and finally defeat Lobo, or will he fall to the wily “Grey Wolf”?

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 26 minutes, 54 seconds

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