Travis vs. Gabe Steele (Oil Bash)


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What’s hotter than two studs going at one other in a battle for supremacy? How about having those two combatants covered in oil! That’s what you get in this Oil Bash contest? Oil can be the great equalizer… often nullifies any size or strength advantage a wrestler has since their opponent can just slither away from them.

Having said all that, experience is the one thing that there is no substitute for in a match of this kind. Gabe has seen his share of oil matches. This is Travis’ first (but hopefully not his last!). Both grapplers give as well as take the best their opponent has to offer. A selection of leg scissors, arm bars and camel clutches serve to display each wrestler, glistening for the viewer to enjoy.

And enjoy you will….right until the final fall, when the loser is sent to slumbertown. Although the loser tries to tap out before slipping unconscious, the victor declares, “No…I want a K.O.” and he gets what he wants as his opponent loses all ties to reality and falls beautifully asleep.

Total Run-Time: 21 minutes, 05 seconds

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