Christian Thorn vs. Blake Starr (Oil Wrestling)


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What is it about oil that amps up the allure of two hot guys going one on one on the mat? The way the two bodies slide over one another effortlessly. The shine of the oil on the skin perfectly showing off each and every muscle? The way the gear seems to fit just a little bit tighter? All of the above? Christian Thorn (who seems just to have added just a little more bulk and ink since his last time) takes on Blake Starr in this offering, and the two don’t hesitate to go right at each other from the get-go.

Each sporting thongs, the duo really take it to each other, stretching and bending the other in ways that the human body is just not meant to bend. Bearhugs are laid on top of ab claws, which are broken by ball grabs, all the while the camera capturing the pain up close and personal.

In the end, after each fighter forces the other to flex for the camera, one of the combatants locks on a sleeper that the other cannot squirm out of and the defeated wrestler is soon snoozing on the mat. Do the two slide over one another effortlessly? Check. Are their muscles perfectly shone by the oil? Check? Does the gear seem to fit a little bit tighter? Check. Will you enjoy this match? Check!

TOTAL RUN-TIME: 22 minutes, 58 seconds

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