Dante Bello vs. Ken (Oil Bash)

Oil Bash

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There is something incredibly alluring watching two oiled studs go at one other, the two wrestlers wriggling in and out of holds, uncertain as to whether or not the hold they currently have their opponent in will quickly be escaped or even reversed, aided by the oil. Enter Dante Bello and Ken. Their introduction to an oil match is lovely to behold.

The pair of course find themselves on the mat in seconds with Dante achieving the upper hand. Ken does his best to squirm free and before long the two are once again standing trying to get the other into a workable hard hold. The oil will have none of it and Ken is soon on the receiving end of a powerful figure four head scissor and just about to go out like a light.

Dante definitely pours out the punishment on Ken with headlocks, armbars and more head scissors. In the end, one wrestler is out for the count, while the other stands tall successful over his opponent.

Although their first time in the oil wrestling ring, I don’t think either Dante or Ken will ever forget the experience and for one, it may be a long time before they ever agree to another oil wrestling match!

Total Run-time: 28 minutes 14 seconds

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