Ethan Andrews vs. Joey Nux (Oil Bash)

Oil Bash

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The camera closes in on Joey Nux, going from his bare, oil covered feet, to his fierce, flexing, slick and slimy biceps. Joey’s is the type of body you dream of seeing covered in oil. The camera gives you the feeling of gazing up at a shiny giant from far below. Ethan Andrews enters, naturally hot without all the muscles. That snarky grin of his lights up his handsome face as he finishes oiling up the muscle god that is Joey. Joey has never wrestled in oil before, and doesn’t seem to mind Ethan’s hands exploring his every inch, bumping against his package...squirting the lubricant all over. 

They lockup in a slow, sensual, grunting passion play. Every hand sliding across hard muscle, every deep groan, every sloshing sound seems made to arouse. Joey’s perfect feet form a trap around Ethan’s head as huge, manly toes made glassy by oil splay out to exact dominance. Ethan abuses Joey’s nipples, sliding his own hot body all over Joey’s. With the way this match is going, these guys may need to get a room afterward...

Total Runtime - 20 minutes, 31 seconds

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