Joey Nux vs. John Wolfboy (Oil Bash)

Oil Bash

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“Did I just hear someone say they were undefeated in this pit after their FIRST match?” asks Wolfboy, dryly. Slender Wolfboy’s pale skin is dry too, but he soon makes up for that by covering himself in a utilitarian amount of oil. Joey Nux, on the other hand, is coated. Every inch of his godlike body is dripping with sleek, slippy lubricant. Wolfboy’s not impressed at all. His back muscles ripple as he grabs at the bigger man. 

These guys look like two action figures made in different scales, each grasping and groping at glassy, greasy skin, grinning like fools and crossing ankles so bare feet fight to maintain a hold. Feet dig into chests, oil goes in eyes...Joey has to adjust himself under his orange speedo. Spanking, insults, and so much smiling it will make your face hurt. These guys are having a blast trying to get the feel of each other. Joey grinds his pelvis into Wolfboy’s, who remarks that he’s having fun amongst the sloshing soundtrack of sensual oil between their bodies.  

Total Runtime - 21 minutes, 12 seconds

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