Max Ryder vs. Ethan Andrews & John Wolfboy (Oil Bash)

Oil Bash

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Wolfboy and Ethan are a sleek, sensual duo in bright red speedos...each one grinning from ear-to-ear as they oil up big, strong Max Ryder, who has all the charm of a muscular, shy farm boy. Wolfboy is clearly excited to get started, blasting everybody with as much oil as he can. The moment he starts to torture Max between his thighs, you realize what he was looking forward to. Wolfboy’s attraction to the big boy is obvious. Ethan takes his time abusing Max’s balls, sliding his hands under his speedo, exposing that nest of hair, and crushing that junk like a boss. 

Ethan presses his ass into Max’s ass, allowing Wolfboy to slam his body over and over again into Max’s back. Max moans, sobs, protests, and suffers like a stud as Ethan teases his dick with his bare, oil covered foot, then helps Wolfboy pull Max’s face into his ass as more and more oil is squirted into the pit. Wedgies, spanking, facesitting, and humiliating ass abuse between three pale, punishing, oil-soaked scrappers!

Total Runtime - 23 minutes, 50 seconds

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