Scrappy vs. Ethan Andrews & John Wolfboy (Oil Bash)

Oil Bash

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Ethan’s legendary package takes center stage as this match starts. He looks incredible in red speedos. Frenetic, almost manic Wolfboy oils up Ethan in a sensual exchange as slick oil is massaged over and inside of speedos, before muscular Scrappy slides into the oil pit, waiting to be oiled up like the god he is. “Get me wet, baby.” You ain’t ready for this one. 

Scrappy is stretched, pinned, punished, pinched, squeezed, ball busted, gut punched, scrangled, slapped, spanked, and humiliated by these two sadistic, skinny studs. Ethan and Wolfboy love pressing oily, slimy feet into Scrappy’s balls in this smooth, sloshing, skiddy, slippery lubrication station.  

Total Runtime - 26 minutes, 2 seconds

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